CHT to announce partnership with Google

Monica Chen, Taipei; Emily Chuang, [Tuesday 19 December 2006]

Google will officially sign a contact with Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) on December 21 to collaborate on the development of search services on CHT's emome mobile phones, the sources added.

CHT chairman Tan Hochen and Google vice president and Greater China president Kai-fu Lee are expected to announce the partnership together on Thursday, the sources added.

The sources also indicated that next year HTC will customize handsets for CHT that feature Google search services.

HTC will also manufacture the Google handset, the sources added. Google is reportedly in talks with mobile service provider Orange to develop a Google mobile phone, the sources noted, adding that the new phone will hit the market in 2008.

前半は、台湾のCHT(サービス プロバイダー)と、Googleの検索機能の共同開発の契約にサインした内容。
気になったのは、HTC社がGoogleのHandsetを生産すると言う話。 プロバイダーはOrange(米国の会社)。