Intel victim of RM50m microchip robbery

Intel victim of RM50m microchip robbery

24 November, 2006

GEORGE TOWN: The world's biggest chipmaker, Intel Corporation, yesterday said it was a victim of the RM 50 million heist at the Batu Maung Free Commercial Zone in Penang on Monday. The company, however, said it expects the incident to have minimum impact on its global customers.

Intel Malaysia media manager Jacinta Vythilingam said the company had activated its business contingency plans to ensure that its customers obtained adequate support.

"We have been notified by the police that Intel is a victim of this heist," she told the New Straits Times.

Vythilingam said although the local media had speculated the value of losses incurred, the company declined to comment on its direct losses due to on-going police investigations.

"This incident has come as a surprise, especially the lax security in such an area with high priced cargo," she said.

"We are co-operating with the police and hope to recover our products. We also trust that appropriate action will be taken to step up security in and around the area."

The company was also pleased with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s directive for thorough investigations and the need to heighten security measures.

Vythilingam declined to disclose the destination of the microchips before they were stolen, saying it may jeopardise police investigations.

昔、Windows 95が発売された頃にINTELPENTIUMの動作周波数を書き換えて販売する事件があり、この事件で捕まったのが知っている人だったので驚いた事がありましたが。